Freedom to Dance Competition:
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The Organisers of Freedom to Dance, Tony & Amanda Dokman, Jonathan Crossley and John Wood and also the Presidents; Richard Gleave OBE and Anne Gleave would like to thank and acknowledge the huge help and assistance of all its Sponsors without who this competition would be impossible to run.


Mr. Terence Lay & Ms. Wendy To Man Ying

We are proud to say that Mr. Terence Lay & Ms. Wendy To Man Ying will be Sponsors of Freedom to Dance again in 2017. They have given their kind support since the launch of Freedom To Dance in 2010.
Mr. Terence Lay is the organiser of the Fabulous Asia Open Dance Tour Hong Kong, the Chairman of Asia Starlight Dance Association and Starlight Dance Centre Hong Kong & Macau.
He is also the Vice-Chairman of WDC Amateur League – Asia, and President of the Macau International Professional Ballroom Dance Association.
The organisers are extremely thankful for their continued support.


Ronnie Li @ ChrisAnne Clover

We are extremely grateful to Ronnie Li of ChrisAnne Clover for his wonderful continued support and generosity. Once again Ronnie will be sponsoring the Amateur Ballroom Competition this year with the fabulous Chrisanne Clover. Mr Ronnie Li has an excellent reputation within the Dance World for being a kind and caring businessman who is loved by everyone who know him. His takeover of Chrisanne has been highly successful and we are honoured he is part of the Freedom family and will again support Freedom to Dance.


Lily Cashin

We are very pleased and proud to announce that Lily Cashin will once again sponsor the Professional Latin event in 2018. Lily is a much loved figure within the Dance World as well as a very accomplished dancer herself. She has performed many fabulous show dances in the past and is also a mentor to many young dancers. We are delighted that Lily is part of our Freedom to Dance family and we thank her for her continued support.



We are thrilled that Gentil are once again sponsoring an event at Freedom to Dance! With Chisaki at the helm Gentil has grown into a fabulous and highly respected Dance clothing company within the Ballroom and Latin Dance World. We thank Chisaki for her help and support and we are proud that for 2018 she will be sponsoring the Professional Ballroom event.


Alan & Wendy Dixon

We are proud to announce that once again Alan & Wendy have been extremely generous in offering their continued support to Freedom to Dance and their sponsorship of the Amateur Latin Competition. Alan John Dixon of Vivo Dance, Los Angeles, California is a life long devotee, expert and aficionado of Ballroom Dancing and we are delighted and grateful that he wishes, as an individual, to continue to support Freedom to Dance.


DSI (Gerald Schwanzer)

We would like to thank Gerald Schwanzer of DSI for his continued support and coverage of Freedom to Dance. DSI is a company that, although already established as fabric and dress suppliers, continue to strive to push things forward and the coverage on DSI TV they offer, of all the major dance competitions, is fabulous.
Visit their website for more information;


Arthur Murray (John Kimmins)

We are delighted that once again Arthur Murray have agreed to sponsor and support Freedom to Dance 2017. Arthur Murray is a global organisation and are great supporters of Freedom To Dance. We are extremely grateful to John Kimmins, President of Arthur Murray International for his dance vision, guidance and continued support.


Are you interested in supporting and sponsoring Freedom to Dance?
Please do not hesitate to contact us.