Hans Galke FTD Amateur Latin 2016 Write Up

Freedom to Dance 2016 Latin Report by Hans Galke

Amateur Latin

1. Morton Lowe and Roxy ( Denmark ): well deserved winners – they had a more calmer approach to their dancing and I for sure preferred their performance tonight compared to previous ones. Appearing more connected in their bodies and on fine form to challenge for the highest honours at the British Open in Blackpool…

2. Klemen Prasnikar and Alexandra Averkieva ( Slovenia ): A well groomed and beautiful couple
that always seems to strive to find their personal style of Latin American dancing. Maybe being now a regular finalist in all mayor competitions, they have found more confidence and therefore manage to channel their sometimes overpowered muscular energy. For me the right way to go !!!

3. Manuel Frighetto and Karin Rooba ( Estonia ): very solid dancers and the most consistent couple of all the finalists. Maybe lacking the trust in themselves and for sure an injection of enthusiasm would help to improve their result further.

4. Damir Haluzan and Anna Mashchyts ( Slovenia ): Damir is a very fluid and musical dancer and tonight Anna appeared more with him. They had a good day today and I’m sure they managed to challenge for higher marks.

5. Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina ( USA ): A boy with great assets and possibilities to become a fantastic dancer, but their routine choices disturb in my opinion their progress in developing those dancing skills. Too much choreography without serious content .

6. Peter Daskalov and Zia James ( England ) : greatly improved recently and especially Peter has
applied a more coordinated body action and is therefore able to perform his dancing with more ease. I especially enjoyed his Pasodoble. Zia also appears more confident but maybe a better understanding how to be balanced while driving would help her to get rid of some of stiff moments. I really appreciate the not over tanned look of Zia.