FTD19 ProAm Showcase Write Ups


1 Vicki & Evgeny
Dancing Samba accompanied by the Len Phillips big band to ‘Let Go’. Wow, what a start to
the Pro-am showcase. The routine commenced with a little social quickstep and then into a
full competitive samba. Vicky looked fantastic, great character shown with the routine and
the costume. Vicky has a natural talent to entertain and she did this so well. You can see she
absolutely loves to dance. Well done tonight, everyone loved it.





2 Maria, Alex & Petur
Wow, Maria has really taken this show to new heights! Now performing this great
number with the Gunnarson Brothers it is really a unique and fabulous show
performed with confidence and ability. She did an amazing job. Congratulations!




3 Monique Wong & Gleb
This show had fabulous music, great choreography and was expertly executed
by Monique with her wonderful partner Gleb. Monique looked and
performed fabulously this evening. A joy to watch.






4 Allan Lam & Valeria
Took on the brave task of paying tribute to the great Andrew Sinkinson and Loraine
Barry. Dancing through the smoke to Somewhere in Time, Allan and Valeria
presented a beautiful smooth slow foxtrot. Numerous feather steps and hover
crosses were danced, in fact it had every step necessary to make a great foxtrot.
Many congratulations on a wonderfully presented show.




5 Bewla & Dusan
This was Bewla’s first performance in many years and what an amazing job
she did! Apparently she was nervous but from the outside you would never
know. She really bought a classical, elegant and sophisticated Foxtrot to the







6 Carmen & Mirko
Carmen’s shows are always full with passion, elegance, class and personality
and tonight was no exception. For us maybe the best we have ever seen her
perform. Her style is simply beautiful and the execution of the choreography
was fabulous.




7 Ling Pak & Stefano
Ling never fails to deliver a spell binding performance and this evening was
no exception. She brought us a wonderful Rumba with Stefano and it was
clear to see that Ling takes her dancing seriously improving all the time.






8 Anastasia & Ivan
What a wonderfully clever, thought through and charming show this was! Anastasia
is a super accomplished dancer (she also won the Ballroom FTD Open and Exclusive
events) and is a World renowned ProAm lady at the peak of her form, fabulous to





9 Anna & Ivailo
Anna and Ivailo have developed their own brand of show. A mysterious mix
of Tango and Rumba that is delightful. Anna seems to get better and better
and was simply born to perform. Her enthusiasm, commitment and
chemistry to Ivailo is clear and wonderful to see.