FTD19 ProAm Ballroom Exclusive Competition

1st; Anastasia & Ivan

Following on from their previous success the day before Anastasia Vsanova partnered by Ivan Novikov from Russia successfully won this competition by winning all five dances and collecting 44 first places from a maximum of 45! A clear win. 
They danced with great class, skill and composure and were clear winners tonight. 

Anastasia is a wonderful dancer with a great look and a perfect match for Ivan. It was a pleasure for us all to see you competing at Freedom to Dance and we hope to welcome you back for our special tenth anniversary.

2nd; Vivien & Stefano

Second place went to Vivien Bryce and Stefano Soldati from Scotland. They were placed second in all dances except the Tango. The two Waltzes were excellent tonight and were clearly placed second. The Slow Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep were very close to the third placed couple. More body toning would most certainly help their performance, as from time to time there was some small disturbances with the posture and poise. A big improvement from when I last saw them compete in Italy though and a great job! I certainly look forward to seeing them perform in the future.

3rd; Sabrina & Fabrizio

Completing this excellent showing of ProAm couples were Sabrina Lee Choi and Fabrizio Cravero. They challenged hard and were deservedly placed second in the Tango. One mark separated them from the second placed couple in Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep too making this competition a wonderful and closely fought contest! Some work maybe necessary in the Viennese Waltz as there were occasional footwork errors. A wonderful performance though from a very experienced lady with great ability.