FTD17 ProAm Latin Write Up

Freedom to dance ProAm latin competition

Four couples took part in the Pro Am latin competition which was an exciting event

1st; Joanna & Tomasz – Poland
They were crowned winners by winning all dances except the Samba. In my option they were clear winners due to their good posture and interesting and authentic choice of choreography .Their Paso Doble had positive lines and focused aggression. Congratulations!


2nd; Annamaria and Manual – Italy
They were placed 3rd in Cha Cha, first in Samba, 2nd in Rumba and Paso Doble and 3rd in Jive  They produced such a good level of understanding of each dance and in particular the samba which they won. A great performance!


3rd; Christiana and Brain – England
They were placed second in Cha Cha and Jive and third in the other three dances. So close to being second they were collecting a few first placing which I would agree with .Christiana, who now resides in London, was born in Brazil ,and that was noticed from her strong rhythmical accents, a great performance!


4th; Maria Luisa and Marcello – Italy
They danced extremely well but unfortunately had to contend with three very good couples .For me their samba and jive were their best dances as they showed a good use of the music. Well done