FTD18 ProAm Showcases

Kitty & Michael;

First onto the floor was kitty who was partnered by Michael danced a Tango which was full of fire displaying all the characteristics of this classic dance. I was also impressed by the good usage of the basic figures which were interestedly balanced with their other dance figure’s ,a very good performance.


Aaron & LuLu

Aaron with his beautiful partner Lulu also danced a Tango which was full of action and passion. There was a good combination of static and moving figures. Aaron is just lover of dance and you could see that in this performance a really fabulous show!



Aliena & Denys;

Aliena who performed a Cha Cha with the most handsome Denys. Their characterisation of the dance was incredible to watch. You could tell from their performance that they were very well rehearsed and prepared for this showcase. They must have being very happy with the outcome as it was a wonderful show.



Nadya & Sergey;

Nayda is ranked as one of the best ProAm ladies in the world. Her partner is the ever so popular Sergey. Their waltz was outstanding with an improvement since I saw them perform early this year. Great quality and a simply beautiful Waltz Showcase. They had the very knowledgeable audience spellbound, It was wonderful!



Ling, Justin & Kirill

WOW.. what can you say about this show but simply great ,great and another great!!
Ling is a regular to Freedom to Dance and this time she was accompanied by two partners; Justin and Kirill. Her performance was an incredible blend of original and cleverly choreographed dance figures which the audience appreciated very much. Dramatic and absolutely fabulous to watch!