John Wood FTD Amateur Ballroom 2015

John Wood FTD Amateur Ballroom 2015

By easily winning all four dances Sergiu Rusu and Dorota Maker became the new champions of freedom to dance.

They were dominant in every department with their amazing style, quality of movement and technical expertise. I liked the changes they made to their choreography which was characteristic to each dance and in good taste.

During 2015 they are showing their dominance as the number one amateur ballroom couple by winning the United Kingdom Championships, European Championships and now freedom to dance

The rest of the finalists collected marks from second-place to 6th place showing the closeness of the other five couples into second place was Lukas Tomczak and aleksandra Jurczak they base their dancing on sound fundamental principles which rewarded them second place in all dances . Their tango was noticeably improved they have found a balance between choreography and the dynamics of the dance.

Third place was Andrew Sadecki and Karina Nawrot, I’m sure they must’ve been very disappointed with this result. They danced very well all day and showed good characterisation of each dance. they have been regular finalists for some time now ,but in my opinion need to search for more suitable choreography to allow the great talents to shine

Forth place Fedor Isaev and Anna zudilina, Who danced extremely well throughout the competition they tied for third place in the slow foxtrot which they showed good musical nuances and technical expertise .I also like their fullness of action in the waltz showing good contrast of drive, swing and body flight.

Fifth-place went to Alex Gunnarsson and Liis End, although they were placed third in the quickstep I thought they had tremendous floor coverage and strong actions the forceful way which they danced sometimes cause problems to themselves and others. The choice of choreography in all dances I believe needs a rethink as it doesn’t reflect their natural qualities.

Sixth place Diego Aria Prado and Ekaterina Ermolina, I like their balance of classical and contemporary ideas in their choreography, they’re are a very dominant couple who will be challenging for all major finals.