John Wood FTD Professional Ballroom 2015

John Wood FTD Professional Ballroom 2015

First place by winning all dances was the stunning, relatively new partnership of Valerio Colantoni and Monica Nigro, they show the sophistication and glamour necessary to become champions, They easily won all four dances.

Second place Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk, Who were forth in tango and second in the other three dances, they have a first class understanding of the principles of dance and I particularly like their attention to detail, for example the way Marat closes his feet and the accuracy of Alina’s heel turns, small details that are noticed.

Third place to Alexander Zhiratkhovand and Irina Novozhilova. What A contrast to the second-place couple. Here we have a couple who are so powerful dynamic and noticeable on the floor, normally I would have expected this couple to be in the runners up position but on tonight’s performance I agreed with the third-place position as I thought that they over tried resulting in an over aggressive performance.

Fourth-place went to The powerful and elegant Angelo Madonia and Mariia Mitrokhina, Their intensity of the dance is a pleasure to watch, coupled with complicated well executed choreography deserved them the fourth place tonight.

Firth place tonight went to Alessio Potenziani and Veronika Vlasova, Who showed such power and contrast of movement ,they portray a great understanding of our art form, extremely clever, interesting, authentic and precisely danced choreography and in my opinion could have finished higher.

Sixth-place went to Warren and Kristi Boyce and they must’ve been very pleased to make this prestigious final, they were placed sixth in all dances. This experienced, very accomplished couple have a very good musical feeling for the swing dances but need to show greater contrast in the dynamics of the tango and quickstep.