Nicola Nordin Freedom to Dance Professional Latin 2015 Write Up

Nicola Nordin FTD Professional Latin 2015

The winners of this event were Jurij Batagelj and Jagoda Batagelj from Slovenia.

This couple gave a confident performance showing their ability to know exactly how much energy is required for every single step. They never looking under pressure, always free, natural, yet commanding. Congratulations, a well deserved win!

Second place went to Emanuelle Soldi and Elisa Nasato from Italy who strongly challenged the winners with their focused, connected and energised performance. They showed incredible stillness and concentration when necessary yet could change speed with ease showing the depth of their abilities.

Neil Jones and Ekaterina Jones finished in third place and I felt this was one of the best performances I have seen recently. Their choreography cleverly allowed them both to show their strengths combining interesting timings and energy changes resulting in a very eye catching performance.

Fourth place went to Marek Fiksa and and Kinga Jurecka Fiksa from Poland. The man as always had a silky smooth body movement enhancing the sophistication of his lady. The clever use of timings and characterisation created beauty and artistry.
Manuel Favilla and Natalia Maiduk finished fifth, a stunning couple with a great look. The lady showed an authentic beauty in her movement, combined with the strength from her partner giving clarity and sophistication.

Finishing sixth in this outstanding final was Gunnar Gunnarsson and Marika Doshoris from England. They well deserved their place in this prestigious final. The man was dominant yet expressive and the lady was always on her feet and in harmony with her partner giving a confident, consistent performance.