Nicola Nordin FTD Amateur Latin 2015

Nicola Nordin FTD Amateur Latin 2015

This year’s Freedom to Dance Amateur Latin event was of the highest standard giving the judges a very difficult job . Every couple were fighting for their place from the first round creating a fantastic atmosphere at the beautifully decorated Copthorne Hotel, Effingham Park.

The winners of this year’s event were Nikita Brovko and Olga Urumova  from Russia

who gave a confident ,consistent performance throughout the competition making them clear winners from the start. This talented man as always displayed a fluid, natural body action enhancing the actions of his lady, who was always perfectly balanced .A very well deserved win!

Second place went to Klemen Prasnikar and Alexandra Averkieva from Slovenia who were energised, vibrant and artistic. They used the the music to its absolute maximum showing with ease change of speed ,direction ,and sensitivity.

Manuel Fighetto and Karin Rooba from Estonia finished third showing a smooth ,oily body action whilst still created clever changes of speed without appearing stiff or blocked.

Fourth place in this superb final went to Damir Haluzan and  Anna Mashchyts from Slovenia. They gave a very slick,no nonsense performance throughout the competition .Both great dancers with a powerful action, connection and awareness of each other.

Vjaceslavs Visnakovs  and Teresa Kizlo from Latvia finished in fifth place showing clear rhythmical timing and good characterisation. Sound  dancers with a great use of space and shaping.

Into sixth place were Arkady Bakenov and Rosa Filippello from England. They rarely put a foot wrong all night creating a natural fluidity and harmony between them  ! Fabulous dancers with a great understanding of Latin fundamentals.