FacesIt is our honour and absolute privilege to announce that we have been asked to take over the “baton” of the Freedom To Dance competition by Richard Gleave OBE and Anne Gleave.

This is such a worthy and important cause that when we were asked if we would like to take on this task and new challenge we had no hesitation in accepting. We all truly believe that every dancer should have the right to dance wherever they wish, without restrictions.
We will strive to move forward and continue the philosophy and spirit that Richard and Anne have begun since 2010. Richard and Anne will remain on board as presidents and we hope to have the dance worlds continued support for this amazing non profit concept.

Our next Freedom To Dance competition will be held on Saturday 13th May 2017.
We look forward to it and hope to see you all there!

Tony & Amanda Dokman, Jonathan Crossley and John Wood.