ProAm Showcase write ups

ProAm Showcases

The writeup for the Freedom to Dance 2017 ProAm Showcases

John & Iryna opened the evening with a scintillating Quickstep to a piece of music arranged and sung by John himself called Puttin’ On the Ritz. John’s natural personality was complimented by Iryna’s softness making for a perfect cocktail. Iryna’s outfit was from the 1920’s and it was evident to see these two wonderful people had put so much thought and effort into this number.


Anna, Igor & Justinas danced to Great Balls of Fire. Once again Anna thrilled us with this wonderful show. I don’t think I have ever seen another show of this nature. It’s hard enough to dance with one partner never mind two. She coped with this so well and showed great skill while entertaining us so much. It has been a pleasure to have you with us once again Anna. Congratulations.

John & Iryna, wow springs to mind. They danced the Jitterbug and had the audience on the edge of their seats. John’s energy was simply incredible and you can just see his passion for dance. This time their outfits were authentic WW2 costumes. Many congratulations on two wonderful show dances.

Sabrina & Fabrizio, dancing to a title “Dancers’ Thoughts”. It’s one thing having a great idea for a show but it’s another pulling it off and they certainly did that. It was so entertaining and unique but at the same time showed a high level of skill. They acted out the idea very well in deed. Wonderful choice of music. Many congratulations.

Ling & Yuri, once again it was a pleasure to have Ling perform for us again this year. Ling performed the most touching Rumba to beautiful music. Ling is a perfectionist, always working on her own dancing skills which was so evident to see. It was full of character and certainly moved the audience by capturing the moment. Well done Ling.