Writeup ProAm Ballroom Grand Final 2018

Freedom to Dance 2018
ProAm Ballroom Grand Final


1st Anastasia & Ivan

A beautiful performance from this couple this evening, The young lady showed musical control through excellent foot use. Tango being one of their standout dances, was full of character. Quickstep was light and bright. They put on an excellent show. Congratulations on becoming Champions.


2nd Ekaterina & Artem

A consistent performance saw this couple achieve excellent markings today. They danced with freedom and had bundles of personality. I particular liked their Waltz and Tango. They showed great control on all foot closes in Waltz and a marvellous staccato action in Tango. Well done.


3rd Vivien and Stefano

This couple presented a wonderful performance today, full of life and excitement. A wonderfully smooth slow foxtrot was presented and a big credit to them for that. I also noted that the posture of the young lady was very good showing good line throughout the event. Many congratulations.


4th Kozue & Damiano

I like the style of this couple today. They presented all dances with the correct character which is so necessary in order to produce musicality. And musicality was very evident to see in their performance. Well done for a fantastic performance.


5th Sabrina & Fabrizio

Today this couple presented a very clean and competent performance from the first round. They showed very good floor craft with the lady being able to follow very well, this is not an easy task. I felt the waltz was danced beautifully with lots of ebb and flow, the tango was full of character and the foxtrot was presented with a very smooth action. Many congratulations.


6th Elena & Emanuel

Lovely performance today, full of energy and life. A lovely swing in waltz and a nice light and bright Quickstep. They covered the floor exceptionally well today and showed excellent stamina in what was a tough final. Well done for a wonderful performance.